Cool down and stretch: Yoga AND Pilates inspired

Stretching ‘unwarmed’ muscles could lead to injury. A better practice is to do a 2 or 3 minute warm up and then stretch OR wait till you’re done with the workout completely. Doing a stretch after a warm-up could reduce this risk of injury.

Some benefits of stretching AFTER a workout include:
1. Improvement in flexibility. I find that the more I stretch, the more flexible I get.
2. Reduction in muscle soreness. I experience much more soreness when I don’t do a post-workout stretch.

I have realized that many workout videos do not have a good stretch section at the end so I have included two below. YouTube is a haven for nice workout AND stretch videos. 😊

“Pilates Infused Cool Down and Stretch Workout to Tone and Lengthen” – Fitness Blender

“Quick Yoga Cool Down and Stretch” – Fitness Blender


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