Subluxation of the clavicle

In September 2015, I noticed that my clavicle (collarbone) was a bit swollen. I was quite disturbed about it. After doing an X-ray and CT scan, I was given the diagnosis of ‘Subluxation of the clavicle’. It basically means that the clavicle has been dislocated. It is not painful but a tiny bit uncomfortable especially when doing planks, pushups, jumping jacks and other strenuous or vigorous arm exercises.
Today, I saw an Orthopedic surgeon (very funny doctor by the way who happens to love legendary Nigerian musicians like Fela and Sunny Ade). He told me that nothing can be done about it. The complications of trying to fix it are thick scar formation and death. So, I guess I just have to leave it alone 🙁
I will keep praying about it and I believe that God is the ultimate surgeon who can fix it. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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