February 2016 beauty purchases

1. HAND CHEMISTRY Triple-Function Hyaluronic-rich hydrator hand cream. I have been battling with oldish-looking hands and so I started a personal hand boot camp.

2. JEUNESSE DES MAINS Vita citral soin anti tâches crème eclaircissante anti-âge (anti brown spots & anti ageing cream) Ecran Solaire UVA/UVB. This is an addition to my many hand creams. 😉

3. Bourjois Paris Blush (in shade 10 Châtaigne Dorée) . I wanted a nude blush so I went for this. My review coming soon.

4. Andalou Naturals Kombucha exfoliating peel. Another repurchase. My review HERE.

5. M.A.C Satin lipsticks: Verve, Captive & Retro. In my post on M.A.C satin paramount lipstick, I mentioned my need for more nude lipsticks. I do like bright reds 💄 and purples but for my everyday look, I reach for nudes.

6. M.A.C blot powder (Deep dark). A repurchase. This powder right here is a staple. 😍 It keeps oil in check for me.

7. M.A.C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder . I was just curious about this one. 😊

8. Caudalie cleansing oil. This winter has gone on for a bit long in my opinion and my face is drier than usual. My regular cleanser was leaving my face feeling dry and I am trying out cleansing oils instead.

9. L’occitane Cleansing Shea oil. I’ve been alternating between this one and the Caudalie cleansing oil above.

10. Noreva Actipur Micellar cleansing purifying solution. A repurchase of my favourite facial toner. More details HERE.

11. Bioderma hydrabio H20 micelle solution. A gentle toner to get any residual makeup off. I’m still deciding between this one and the Essential Water by L’Occitane below.

12. L’occitane Essential water. To be honest, I was just curious about this toner because it had sodium hyaluronate. I haven’t really used it very often since I purchased it. I actually forgot about it until I was editing this post. 🙈

13. Dolivia Olive & Hand balm. Another hand cream. They are becoming an obsession. I have them everywhere. In my handbag, kitchen, dresser, car. 😁

14. Herbal choice Mari Hempseed oil. I got this oil to help seal in moisture on my face. I have a post on hempseed oil scheduled for next Saturday. Don’t forget to stop by.

15. Now Foods Oils: avocado, sweet almond, apricot, frankincense and oregano. I mixed the first four oils together to make a body oil while I use the oregano oil for my hair. Please read more about Now Foods avocado oil HERE.

16. Obia Naturals Curl Hydration Spray. Watery spray moisturizers have been my ‘go-tos’ in the last couple of months since I’ve been on a wig regimen. I got this one and the Bee Mine Spritz below. ⬇⬇

17.Bee Mine Organics Juicy Moisturizing Spritz

What beauty product(s) did you buy in February?

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  1. Wow!!!! Such a long february purchase. For me, d only thing so far that keeps my dry hands and chapped lips under check is d good old vaseline after spending endlessly on different creams. I hope all those hand creams work for u. And am so so ‘eyeing’ all those your facial toners and chemical peels. Rock your nude bronzer and lipstick and let’s see your look ‘lol’.

    • Thanks Babs. Lol. I love buying beauty products. I think I’ll try Vaseline. Got nothing to lose…I have one jar lying in my kids’ room. I will do some pics of the lipsticks and bronze soon.

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